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Putting Your Family’s Legal Matters First

Putting Your Family’s Legal Matters First

Having a family law problem is one of the most stressful things you will experience. Whether your marriage is breaking up or you are unable to co-parent for the sake of your children, you and your family need to be properly represented and guided. You need a capable and confident advocate who will take the time to listen to your concerns and help you with important strategic decisions. You need someone who can help you negotiate a fair settlement when possible and litigate for you aggressively when settlement is not in your best interest. You need to be protected, and your children need to be protected, as well.


At Vargas Law Firm, P.A., whether you need to litigate, mediate, or negotiate, we know how to help you achieve the best possible results in your family law case. We have helped countless people like you with family law issues, these include:


We Can Help You With Any Type of Divorce:

• Uncontested Divorce – If you and your spouse have a divorce agreement, we can make sure that the divorce papers are done right.

• Military Divorce – If you or your spouse are in the military, special laws apply. Know your rights.

• Divorce Mediation – If you and your spouse are open to compromise, you may be able to negotiate a divorce settlement through mediation.

• High Asset Divorce – If you or your spouse have many assets, your property settlement may be extremely complex.

• Celebrity Divorce – If you or your spouse are public figures, including an athlete, musician or actor, you need protection of your privacy and assets.


We Can Help With Issues Surrounding Your Children:

• Paternity Cases – If you and your spouse were never married, you need orders about custody, visitation and child support.

• Child Support – We can help you establish or modify a child support order. We can also help collect past due support, enforce a current child support order, and establish child support arrears.

• Child Custody – We can help establish or modify a custody and visitation order, litigate a custody case where supervised visitation order is involved, help in child custody evaluations, or conduct trials in custody battles and move away cases.


We Can Help With Any Family Law Related Problem:

• Child Custody/ Visitation

• Child Support

• Spousal Support

• Division of Property/ Debts

• Obtaining an Order to Sell the House

• Finding Hidden Assets

• Dividing of Pension Plans

• Attorney Fees

• Negotiation of Marital Settlement Agreements

• Trials and Litigation of Divorce Issues

• Divorce in a Day Workshops

• Relocation

• Modifications

• Alienation


Do not leave your legal problem to chance. Representing yourself can lead to disastrous results.  When it comes to protecting you and your family, do not settle for anything less than the best. Do yourself a favor, do not gamble on the outcome of you and your family’s future.


Areas of Practice

If you’re facing legal issues in one of the above areas, give Vargas Law Firm, P.A. in Tampa, FL a call today.

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We understand that legal issues can complicate things for your entire family. That’s why we focus on listening to the details of your case from the moment you pick up the phone to call. You can also expect to receive one-on-one attention directly from an experienced attorney.

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